Patch 5.2 Large Inventory Part Two

The forth one: Tortos. The pass rate of normal mode is 25.46% and 4.12% of the hero mode. While the pass rate of normal mode is 59.09% and 6.38% of the hero mode. Logically the Tortos is a very Boss when compared to the Horrido and Council of Elders. But when we compare the rates on the loyougou site and wowprogress site, we will find that the Chinese server is fully behind the West server.

The fifth one: Megaera. The pass rate of normal mode is 24.66% and 1.25% of the hero mode. While the pass rate of normal mode is 52.47% and 2.77% of the hero mode. The Megaera is a heinous Boss which could ruthless destroy the team. The world of warcraft players in the China and the West are crying for it. But this boss has been already distinguished the casual guild and the PFU guild. It maintains approximately 500~700+ guilds in both the east and the west.

The 6th: Ji-Kun. The pass rate of normal mode is 23.22% and 5.67% of the hero mode. While the pass rate of normal mode is 48.74% and 12.80% of the hero mode.

The 7th: Durumu the Forgotten. The pass rate of normal mode is 18.75% and 0.56% of the hero mode. While the pass rate of normal mode is 41.68% and 1.60% of the hero mode.

The following are the Primordus, Dark Animus, Iron Qon, Twin Consorts, Lei Shen and Ra-den.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

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